Lesson 1 Day 2

【DAY 2】Knowing of Today’s Age

Parents who are Christians should care not only about a high standard of morality and the character of their children, but also for their children’s spiritual condition, their love for the Lord, and their firm foundation of the faith. However, if we don’t know the real current situation of education on American campuses, including universities, primary and secondary schools, we will not be that concerned about their spiritual education, or about their spirit, conscience, faith, and belief. Consequently, when children go off to college, they may lose their faith in the Lord. There are too many cases like this.

The current situation or trend in today’s college campuses is to oppose or even slander both Christ, Christianity and the Bible. Atheism and liberalism dominate in college education, and education is doing its best to destroy Christian faith and confidence in the Bible. The campuses of high schools, middle schools, and even elementary schools are also full of deviant speech and thoughts. Today, issues on gender, transgender, and same sex, are all over campuses and being taught and applauded by schools. Not only is the sexual relationship chaotic, but homosexuality and same-sex marriage have been legalized. Males with males, females with females are committing unseemliness. Transgender transition is legalized and encouraged in children as young as 3 years old.  There is also the problem of drug proliferation on campus. For example, smoking marijuana has been legalized in California. Some restrooms in high school campuses are not even enterable because people smoke marijuana in there.

Just imagine what would happen if you sent your children to school without any caution, awareness, or warning on the status of today’s school education situation.  If you do not give your children considerable spiritual education, preventive education, anti-drug education. I am afraid that in the end, not only will his or her wonderful faith be ruined but even destroyed, but their spirit, soul, and body would also be harmed.

For this reason, the Lord impressed on us an urgency or a burden that we must have this series of lessons and fellowship to impart the same feeling and burden into all the saints so that we all will actively equip our children with complete spiritual education and sufficient spiritual provision, as well as inject spiritual preservatives and antibodies. In this way, our children not only can stand against an environment of atheism, liberalism, absurd sex education, and drug proliferation, but also be able to stand with and hold onto good faith and set things right to be an anti-testimony against the flood of dissoluteness and debauchery in this age. This is the purpose of our course.

Today, when we see such a decline in morality, we know that the end of this age with the coming of the Lord is approaching. The enemy – Satan’s attack – is so fierce and fast, and he is damaging, ruining, and destroying our children in every way. All of us who are parents, who are about to be parents, children’s serving ones, and young people’s serving ones, must rise up to fight for our next generation through the work of faith, the labor of love, and the endurance of hope (1 Thessalonians 1:3), so that the next generation can be equipped spiritually, be saved from Satan’s snare, and be preserved.

In short, the present perverted and crooked age with its fornication and evils is destroying our next generation at an unprecedented speed (Matt. 12:39, Phil. 2:15). Liberal and atheist education from primary school to and through the university level is undermining Christian faith and undermining our children’s belief in the Bible, God’s Word. So-called sex education and sexual orientation (education and orientation of the same sex, opposite sex, and transgender) are destroying children’s humanity from even elementary school prematurely. The proliferation and legalization of drugs is destroying children’s young bodies and minds. We must see the current situation and facts in our societies clearly. I would like to ask parents to see clearly as a whole what the situation or state of your surrounding communities, schools, and society is.

We must wake up and rise with our eyes opened wide to see clearly how corrupt, evil, and full of traps the surrounding environment is.  We must not blindly follow trends, fashions, or pursue outward things that bring our children into destruction, traps, and danger.