Lesson 9 Day 2

【Day2】 I Am Chosen by God and Unique

Parents need to let their children know that they are chosen by God. The word “Chosen by God” means both holy and not common. Holy means sanctified; not common means being different from others. In both the Old Testament and the New Testament, we see that our God is holy, and He wants His chosen people to be holy, and to be set apart from the worldly men, to be different, to be His treasure.

One of the most important factors in the restoration of Israel was the unique education that Jewish mothers gave to their children from an early age. No matter what country or place the Jews lived in, Jewish mothers taught their children important things from an early age. First, you are God’s chosen people, and you belong to God, and you are different from all the worldly Egyptians and others who did not honor God. From childhood, Jewish mothers planted the concept of holy sanctification and distinction in their children. Second, when the children were older and more aware, they were taught to read God’s word, and they were given a regular schedule of reading every day. Therefore, although the Jews were scattered all over the world for more than 2,000 years, they were never fully assimilated into other nations or ethnic groups where they lived.

God chose me from among millions of people and called me to live a holy, clean, and joyful life like Him. I need to live a godly life, a holy life, from my childhood. Only God is holy, and I need to live for God and express God.

God wants us to be completely holy, to be preserved in spirit, soul and body, and to be completely undefiled. The spirit needs to be preserved and be away from evil and unclean spirits, or idolatry in the spiritual realm. The soul needs to be preserved and be away from immoral thoughts, etc. The body needs to be preserved from things that hurt or harm it, such as drugs, prostitution, etc. I need to be set apart from those things on the Internet that are obscene, pornographic, and defiled; and to be away from unhealthy earthly and immoral things. I need to be kept from filthy, unclean words, and to praise God with clean lips. I need to be holy in my way of dress. I need to be sanctified from things like playing improper games, or misusing my phone, and gluttony. I need to be set apart from worldly holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.

Every child is unique, and valuable in the eyes of God. There are wide variations in beauty/handsomeness, intelligence and skill levels but all of our children are beautiful to Him.

 All children are special, valuable, and precious to God. God created each person with his unique function and use. Although the use can be big or small and varies, we have to give our children a clear vision and understanding that they are unique, valuable, and worthy because they are distinguished in several ways.

Man has a spirit and can worship God and communicate with Him, thank Him, confess sins to Him, and pray to Him. Animals do not have a spirit and will not confess their sins, pray, or worship God. Man has a conscience, so he can know to confess his faults. Animals do not have a conscience, so they do not confess anything.

God is the creator, and He created all things in the universe, including plants and animals. In God’s creation, man is the most superior, but he is not the creator. Man is different from God, and man cannot be worshiped as God. God is the only one worthy to be worshiped. Only the Creator is worthy to be worshiped by man. No created thing is worthy to be worshiped by man; including the higher angels, the higher created things, and even the living or the dead, which can never be the object of worship by man. 

We should teach our children that although you might acquire as much knowledge and learn as many skills as you can, according to the degree of intelligence God has given you. However, you are still limited and by no means omniscient or omnipotent. You need to humbly admit that you are powerless over many things you can’t do, don’t know, and haven’t seen. We are not the Godhead, nor are we the infinite God, so we are not to be worshiped or adored by men. We are finite man, so we need to learn to trust God, rely on God, and respect Him.  

I am a person who believes in God, has God, and belongs to Him. The secular world does not believe in God, has no God, and is not of God. I believe in the Bible, that is God’s word. I listen to God’s word, and live and act according to His word. Because I am unique and not common , I may suffer contempt, discrimination, and even persecution from those around me. I need to learn to face the negative attitudes of others positively.

God created humans with a gender, He created them male and female. He created us to be precious and unique. I need to keep the distinction and boundaries between male and female. The man or woman God created will be married in the future. This is God’s ordained,  honorable, pleasing, and glorious.